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As I am still confined to my hotel ward, there is not much to write about, although I will be writing a post reflecting on my touring memories soon, but I thought that it might be fun to post a Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol trivia quiz. No prizes, just a bit of fun. Now, the fact that you are reading this means you have access to the internet but see how many you can get without extra research. I will post the full list of answers next week, when I am back on the road!

I will start with some old favourites, to get you started

1: How many ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve?

2: In what region of London do the Cratchit family live?

3: What is the name of Scrooge’s nephew’s flirtatious friend?

4: What was the name of the young clerk who worked alongside a young Ebenezer at Mr Fezziwig’s?

Bah! Humbug!  All of the answers in this section have the initials BH

1: What is the name of Charles Dickens’s 9th full length novel, in which he satirises the legal industry?

2: The name of a schoolmaster in Our Mutual Friend

3: Where Charles Dickens’ ship moored on his 1867 trip to the USA and from where he travelled to the Parker House Hotel (and maybe enjoyed a cup of tea….)

4: A particularly poor yard in London, described in Little Dorrit

A question I am often asked is ‘what is your favourite film version of A Christmas Carol’, and the correct answer has to be the same version as the questioner!  Here are 6 versions, can you tell me the year they were made?  I am giving you the actor who played Scrooge in each case

1: Seymour Hicks                  

2: Mark McDermot               

3: George C Scott                   

4: Albert Finney                     

5: Alastair Sim                        

6: Michael Cane      


To finish off, some questions about the life of Charles Dickens

1:  What year was Dickens born (an important year in British/American relations)

2:  What were CD’s middle names?

3:  What is the FULL title of his first novel?

4:  What is the name of the town in the county of Kent where Charles Dickens was involved in a serious train crash (if only there was a book available on this subject…..)

5:  Charles Dickens was buried in Westminster Abbey in London, but where did he want to be buried?

Meanwhile, if you have any questions for me, then why not post them in the comments section here, or contact me via my website: http://www.geralddickens.com

Have Fun!