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For all of you who are anxious to discover what happened yesterday, when I drove from Lenox to Manchester, and performed at The Dana Center at St Anselm College, things have changed a bit.

I had written a draft for that blog post, and in it had mentioned that I was suffering the start of cold-like symptoms, which I was worried would affect my microphone-less performance last night. In fact, the show went OK, and the audience reaction was as enthusiastic and positive as those throughout the tour. However, when I got back to the hotel room, I began to feel a bit worse, and sleep was difficult. By the morning I didn’t feel good, and decided that I should take a Covid test, especially as I was due to perform at a senior center in downtown Nashua, and I certainly shouldn’t go there if there was any hint of me having Covid Unfortunately, two little pink lines showed, and for the very first time since the pandemic began in the winter/spring of 2020, I had contracted the virus.

Obviously, this is going to affect the rest of the tour, considerably. I immediately called Bob Byers, and we took the inevitable decision to cancel today’s two shows, as well as those on Monday and Tuesday on Long Island – what happens after that, we will have to wait and see how my condition improves or declines. The hotel at which I am staying in Manchester has very kindly extended my stay, so that I remain in my room, mainly watching the World Cup (sorry, USA, you put up a noble fight)

So, this is not a cheery, witty Blog post, just telling you what is happening – more soon!